Purchasing mission statement

One team – one objective

Company profile

We are a competent, reliable and fair partner to our suppliers and in-house customers. 

We are a modern purchasing department with emphasis on cost-optimized, high-quality purchasing of goods and services.

Our transparent and uniform procurement processes are achieved by a high degree of computer support.

Our guiding principles

  • We work together with our customers to contribute significantly to cost-optimized procurement procedures.
  • We utilize the entire expertise of the corporate group in achieving the common goals of voestalpine.
  • We are continually searching for new and alternative suppliers and products in national and international markets.
  • We strive toward long-term supplier partnerships that are based on principles of trust and mutual understanding.
  • We are dedicated to conservation of the environment while maintaining our competitive position.
  • We consider ourselves to be a source of standardization.
  • Our purchasing procedures are continually modernized, streamlined and made more efficient.

Our strengths

  • Strategic: We analyze, plan and communicate in a consistent way.
  • Divisional: We are responsible for all procurement activities with respect to production plants, services and materials.
  • Regulation-compliant: All of our stakeholders (partners, customers, users, purchasers) know and follow the regulations set forth in the most current version of our purchasing manual.
  • Automated: We concentrate our manual activities on value-added purchasing activities.
  • Customer-oriented: We are a reliable partner.
Your contact partner

Eva Roitner

T: +43/50304/15-9353

F: +43/50304/55-9353

E: eva.roitner@voestalpine.com

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