ahss classic

The classical steel with tensile strengths of up to 1,200 MPa and more

For more than 20 years, voestalpine has been developing ahss steels.

The ultralights ahss dual-phase steels are characterized by low yield strength, high work hardening and tensile strength as well as high uniform and fracture elongation. Their deep-drawing properties are beneficial in complex structural parts, and their balanced property profile is especially noteworthy with respect to deep-drawing properties with simultaneously reduced resistance to edge cracking.

Hot-dip galvanized and electro-galvanized surfaces provide the highest corrosion protection, and selected grades are also available for exposed-panel applications.

The bending properties of the ultralights ahss complex-phase steels are convincing while maintaining the narrowest radii and high resistance to edge cracking, thus allowing excellent forming properties in punched edges. They have proven their effectiveness in large-scale serial production as sections or folded components such as stiffeners, sills and chassis components.

These steel grades became resistant to corrosion as a result of time-tested coatings such as GI, EG, GA or ZM.

Please find detailed information in the product data sheets for ahss classic dual-phase and ahss classic complex-phase steels.

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Data sheet complex-phase steels
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Data sheet dual-phase steels
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Data sheet TRIP steels
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