• How long will it take to process my application, and when can I expect a decision?
    Our positions are advertised for a total of four weeks. We will also confirm receipt of your application and will let you know who your contact person is. We will contact you as soon as the decision has been made and let you know whether we will be inviting you to come for an interview.
  • I would like to apply as XY and find no job opening for this position. What can I do?
    Send us your letter of intent and assign your application to a category.
  • Do I have to send my letter of intent to every company at voestalpine?
    No, one application is enough. We review your application for any possibility in each of the companies of the Steel Division.
  • Are applications only possible online?
    This is the easiest way and has a lot of advantages. Use the online application form at http://jobs.voestalpine.com/.  You will find all of the job openings in our job portal, including the respective responsibilities and requirements. After completing your online application, you will be sent your access data so that you can look at your personal portal at any time and monitor your status. You can also subscribe to our job newsletter.
  • I am currently working at another place. Will my application be treated confidentially?
    Every application will be treated with utmost confidentiality, and we will not share any of your information with anyone. It is important that you provide us only with your personal data (e-mail and telephone number). Please do not share with us your working address.
  • How long will my documents be saved in the system?
    Your application is stored for a maximum of only one year. Because of the many inquiries we receive on a regular basis, we can only work with the most recent applications. Please check back here on a regular basis and submit a new application if need be. It is easy online to ensure that your data are being considered for new openings.
  • I would like to apply for a summer job. Are there certain requirements?
    You can apply from the autumn of the previous year until February of the year in which you would like to work as a summer intern. 
    Important information:
    • Your desired beginning and end dates
    • The department in which you would like to work
    • Required Internship yes/no
    • Application documents (see next question) 
  • How should my application be structured?
    See our suggestions for application documents. 
  • I have been accepted as a summer intern and need more information ...
    Here are the most important facts:
    • Workers in summer production jobs provide support for our production processes. It is necessary that we operate our production processes in shifts.
    • Summer assistants usually provide support in our business offices.
    • On your first day, your supervisor will explain to you your responsibilities and acquaint you with your place of work.
    • You also have the opportunity to get to know our work site before you begin working with us. Take a tour of our works and visit voestalpine Stahlwelt.
    • Should you still have any questions, simply get in touch with your assigned contact person in the info box.
  • What is important to know on your first day of work in a summer job?
    Please complete the forms that we sent to you and bring them along with you on your first day of work. This includes your signed acceptance letter and your bank details. If you are a worker in a summer production job, we require a doctor's certificate of health and, where required, a certificate that you have passed the course on respiratory protection. If you have any questions, please visit your contact person on your first day of work between 7 and 9 a.m. in Office Building No. 57, Room 1.25.
  • Is it possible for me to visit my contact person prior to my first day of work?
    Yes. You can do this up to one month prior to beginning your summer job. Simply call and make an appointment with your contact person.
  • Are the job openings listed on the web site up to date?
    Yes. Our web site is updated on a daily basis, including all job openings.
  • Where do I find the deadline for job applications?
    The application deadline is listed directly next to the job opening in the application portal.
  • To whom should I direct my questions about a specific job offer?
    In most cases, you will find the names of two contact persons in the job opening. One of them is responsible for your application and the other for questions about the position.
  • Do I have to apply in English?
    That depends: Simply adapt the language of your application to the job opening.
  • Which certificates, grade reports are relevant?
    The graduation diploma issued by your most recently attended school or university.
    Certificates of completion or confirmations from relevant training courses, e.g. you are required to have CAD skills, and you have completed a corresponding course of training.

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