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Offshore plates

Offshore platform in production

Whether in the Gulf of Mexico, in the North Sea or the Arctic, our thermomechanically rolled structural steels for the offshore industry are in use worldwide.

High-strength plates

Mobile crane

High-strength plates made of fine-grained steel have a minimum yield strength of 620 and 700 MPa, and ultra-high-strength special grades achieve yield strengths of up to 1100 MPa.


Jack-up rig

High-strength heavy plates are found in offshore platform applications. We use a special tool in the head press shop to hot-form parts used in offshore platforms.

Thermomechanically rolled fine-grained structural steel plates

Steel bridge

alform®-steels are thermomechanically rolled steels with excellent weldability, toughness and cold-forming behavior.

Shipbuilding steel plates

Offshore platform

Our shipbuilding steels in normal and high-strength grades are used in offshore applications, platform superstructures and for special ships in the oil and gas industry.

Steel castings for the energy industry (> 10 tons)

Compressor housing

Together with our customers, we achieve highest-quality products for applications in the energy industry: Our complex designs, high-alloy cast parts up to 200 tons in weight and the development of new materials are only a few of the many examples.

Castings for energy applications (< 10 tons)

Pelton wheels

We are a renowned supplier to the energy sector and comply with applicable international norms. The used materials are creep-resistant and cryogenic special steels with special properties. Castings in nickel-based alloys complete the portfolio. Finish-machined parts and component manufacturing allow supply of ready-to-install castings.

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