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Linepipe plates

Reeling of a deep-sea pipeline

voestalpine Grobblech GmbH is one of the world's leading producers of sour-gas-resistant linepipe plates. We specialize in modern thermomechanical rolling technology with accelerated cooling.

Clad linepipe plates

Clad pipes

We are the world's largest producer of roll-bonded clad linepipe plates. The highest sour-gas requirements are met by our roll-bonded clad linepipe plates with corrosion-resistant cladding.

Steel castings for the energy industry (> 10 tons)

Compressor housing

Together with our customers, we achieve highest-quality products for applications in the energy industry: Our complex designs, high-alloy cast parts up to 200 tons in weight and the development of new materials are only a few of the many examples.

Castings for energy applications (< 10 tons)

Pelton wheels

We are a renowned supplier to the energy sector and comply with applicable international norms. The used materials are creep-resistant and cryogenic special steels with special properties. Castings in nickel-based alloys complete the portfolio. Finish-machined parts and component manufacturing allow supply of ready-to-install castings.

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