Steel Division

Parts and components

The production of parts and components, in addition to shear cuts and cut shapes, is one of the core competencies of the voestalpine Steel and Service Center. Hot-formed steel is used to make innovative, high-quality parts and components. 

Plate annealing furnace

Hydraulic press

Welding line

Annealing temperatures up to 750°C 

Press force of 2000 tons 

Cycle-dependent assembly 

Sheet thickness up to 15 mm 

Table size of 3300 x 2500 mm



400,000 strokes/a 

75,000 components/a

Sand-blasting station for parts up to 1100 mm in width.

Our product,  alphas® forming forming, makes it possible to produce parts and components less expensively. The unique combination of high-strength steel strip and semi-hot forming in special tools offers great potential, primarily in the commercial vehicle industry.