Award in Malaysia

Bromma is a world market leader in container handling systems. voestalpine has been delivering high-strength alform® steels to the production site of Bromma in Malaysia since 2012. The highlight of cooperation between voestalpine and Bromma was the Best Supplier Award presented to voestalpine in 2014. 

For the first time, Cargotec Bromma sponsored a supplier day in Ipoh, Malaysia, in April 2015. The motto of the event was The Future of Steel, which underlined the importance of high-quality steels for the customer, who manufactures components for cranes and lifting devices that rely heavily on the extraordinary material strength of

the high-quality steels in the alform® series. A good product alone is not enough. Perfect logistics solutions for just-in-time deliveries from Europe to Asia and close cooperation in technical matters are imperative. All these challenges were surmounted beautifully by the sales and quality control team to the full satisfaction of the customer and led to voestalpine being presented the best supplier award.

The steel of voestalpine has a very bright future, and Bromma has been very successful with recently increasing production figures. The award is another milestone in the voestalpine success story.