Steel Division

Mechanical engineering

Castings for mechanical engineering (< 10 tons)

Castings for mechanical engineering (< 10 tons)

These products are supplied as steel and nodular iron castings that meet customer requirements with respect to a variety of different strengths and levels of ductility. We manufacture castings made of manganese steel, stainless and acid-resistant materials (duplex steels) for special applications. Products are available upon request in ready-to-install condition.

Steel and nodular iron castings

Our manufacturing capacity includes an ingot mold facility that produces series with unit weights ranging between 50 and 400 kg with high economic efficiency. Larger and heavier parts for the machine-building industry are hand-formed. The maximum unit weight is around 10 tons for steel castings and 12 tons for nodular iron castings. Nodular iron castings comply with the EN-GJS 400 15 standard.

Mechanical engineering

We use various different materials in steel castings, from non-alloyed standard grades to heat-treatable and fine-grained steels to high-alloy and high-strength special steels with specified properties. Our casting applications are found in the fields of special transport, earth-moving equipment, mining and special machinery.

Switch manufacturing

voestalpine Giesserei Traisen GmbH delivers steel frogs made of manganese steel for high-speed railway systems. We are an esteemed and competent partner, particularly in the development of prototypes.

Stainless and acid-resistant steels

The metallurgical equipment at voestalpine Giesserei Traisen GmbH allows us to produce a broad range of materials. For example, standard-to-basic-alloy castings that are fully processed and ready to install are supplied to the food, paper and chemical industries.

Schmiedekasten, 110 to/Stk.

Castings for mechanical engineering (> 10 tons)

The castings can be supplied in ready-to-install condition. We also provide machining and cladding services.

Production facilities and technologies

At the Linz location of voestalpine, we have the required casting and heat-treatment plants as well as the requisite expertise to produce heavy steel castings up to 200 tons a piece. In addition, we provide ready-to-install components, including hardfacing and cladding.

Our portfolio

  • Rams for counterblow hammers
  • Mill housings and other castings for rolling mills
  • Housings for forging machines
  • Anvils
  • Hammer housings
  • End walls for cement mills
  • Slag pots
  • Steel castings for general engineering applications