Research and development

Research and development

The voestalpine Foundry Group conducts intensive research at the Linz and Traisen locations. Heavy emphasis is placed on the development of new casting materials (including creep-resistant nickel-based alloys and 9% to 10% chromium steels), new processes (welding, smelting reduction, molding material technologies, etc.) and putting these into industrial practice. We cooperate with other company sites to provide comprehensive development from the laboratory to final manufacturing, including extensive employment of numeric simulation.

Current projects

We are currently conducting intensive research on the following materials:

  • High-temperature applications in power stations
  • Magnetic materials for medical technologies
  • Cryogenic materials for compressor construction and offshore applications
  • New nodular iron casting types for mechanical engineering

Many of our research projects are carried out in close collaboration with renowned universities and institutes. We utilize the technological expertise and innovative power of our sister companies and the testing and laboratory infrastructures in the voestalpine Group.