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isovac® ist ein Elektroband und steht für höchste Energieeffizienz.
Electrical steel

Electrical steel

isovac® is the electrical steel made by voestalpine and stands for highest energy efficiency. Electrical steel is a material used in many different forms in the construction of magnetic cores in electrical appliances and machinery. As a European market leader, voestalpine has just the right product for every customer that requires non-grain-oriented electrical steel.


As a full-range provider with the highest standards in the electrical industry, we supply innovative electrical steel grades as a solid foundation for energy-efficient applications such as electric motors, generators and transformers. A special focus is also on the electromobility industry, where we supply specially tailored grades in excellent quality. Electric steel strip is supplied by voestalpine directly ex works as slit strip or cut shapes from Steel Service Centers in Austria, Italy, Poland and Romania.

Commitment to quality

isovac® is the result of decades of experience at voestalpine in the production of electrical steel. The excellent property profile and superior punchability of isovac® as well as its careful utilization of natural resources make it a leading product worldwide.

We offer the highest quality in our insulation systems. In collaboration with leading European varnish manufacturers, voestalpine supplies insulating varnishes that contain no toxins, carcinogens, mutagens, formaldehyde or chromium compounds. The coatings meet all applicable EC directives (RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC).

Electrical industry

Electrical industry

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