Chemical Processing Applications

The chemical industry requires specific construction materials for a variety of plants and equipment. The chemical industry uses a wide range of corrosion-resistant alloys in equipment exposed to highly corrosive environments, high pressures and temperatures in vessels, tanks, valves, pumps, compressors, agitators, etc. voestalpine Specialty Metals operates in every area of the chemical industry and supplies stainless and nickel alloy bars products designed for applications required in pulp and paper, chemical processing, inorganic chemicals, desalination, urea, food and beverage, etc.

We can offer the most suitable stainless and nickel alloy bar products for chemical processing plants delivering basic products such as monomers, basic polymers, fibers, as well as engineered polymers, specialty chemicals, adhesives and paintings.
Due to the large variety of reactions and products in the chemical processing industry, the requirements of base materials are numerous. The chemical processing industry is often coupled with the O&G downstream segment in the same plants. These segments include transformation processes for oil and gas and lead to end-products such as fibers, plastic, films, paints, adhesives from olefins and aromatics to several monomers, polymers (basic and engineered) and require specific and tailored solutions, particularly for special chemicals. Modern plants are often multipurpose, and the trend of materials is toward high-tech alloys resistant to many types of corrosive agents. Our application technologies and mill suppliers R&D departments collaborate continuously with our customers and engineering companies to find the most appropriate alloy solution to meet the customer and market needs.

Chemical reactions at high temperatures (e.g. thermal cracking or pyrolysis) as well as medium and room temperature, often generate highly corrosive environments. Reagents, catalysts and stabilizers can have oxidizing or reducing effects and may contain aggressive salts, acids, bases and chlorides.
Our stainless and nickel bar products are used in manufacturing equipment, including the following:
Thermal crackers
Distillation columns
Heat exchangers

Both high T C.R.A and wet C.R.A. are used in different parts of manufacturing facilities. Wherever highly T-corrosion-resistant alloys are required, nickel-based alloys such as 800H, 617 and 600 are typically used (for example in pyrolysis in the vinyl chloride process or in the dehydrogenation of styrene). Heat-resistant stainless steels and weld-overlaid, low-alloy heat-resistant steels are also widely used. Plant components attacked by wet corrosion consist of or are weld-overlaid with nickel-based alloys such as C2000, C276, C22, 600, 625, 825 according to the grade of severity and type of the environment. Stainless steel series 300, fully austenitic and super austenitic stainless steels are also widely used in less corrosive applications.

Key factors in providing successful solutions include the stainless and nickel alloy database, close cooperation with the engineering companies and manufacturers, approvals and our profound technical expertise in the field of chemical processing.

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