Pulp and Paper Processing

We have a long history providing the most suitable products to meet the expectations of the industry in terms of corrosion resistance, weldability and mechanical properties.

Industry Trend and Impact on Materials Selection
The demands of pulp and paper production are increasing globally. North America remains an important market region. Technical trends will focus on decreased water consumption and other reductions in emissions by using closed systems that re-use liquors. The process of bleaching will use less or even eliminate chlorine and chlorine dioxide and will influence the type of base materials used. Low-alloy materials will be increasingly substituted with high-alloy base materials, and special materials such as titanium, which is used in the bleaching process, will be replaced by stainless steels such as duplex, super-duplex and fully austenitic stainless steels. In tanks and structures, 304L and 316L are often replaced with lean duplex and duplex, significantly reducing costs.

• Digesters for both kraft and sulfite processes
• Screening tanks and blow tanks
• TCF bleaching reactors
• C&D washers, presses and filter drums
• Multi-stage evaporators and boilers
• Storage towers and tanks

Product Solutions
A number of different C.R.A. alloys are used in this industry, depending on the application and the severity of the environment:
• Special austenitic (317L, 904L)
• Super-austenitic (S31254, 926, S34565)
• Nickel alloys C-276, 600
• Lean duplex
• Duplex
• Super duplex
• Wear-resistant stainless steels (austenitic-martensitic type)

Material solutions are the result of careful studies of corrosion issues carried out in collaboration with manufacturers, engineering companies, associations and plant owners.

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