Oil and Gas Exploration Upstream Applications

Steel and Alloys for the complete value chain of oil and gas production.
Our products and services can be found in every field of oil and gas production and processing from upstream processes in which petroleum compounds are explored to downstream activities in which extracted oil and gas is processed, cracked or transformed as a feedstock. You will also find our products and services in midstream technologies used in the transport of hydrocarbons.
We offer customer-driven alloys to support safe, efficient, and cost effective operation of upstream, midstream and downstream facilities and equipment.

Oil and Gas Upstream Applications
Technically demanding applications in corrosive and high-strength environments such as construction of topside processing equipment, jack-up rigs, subsea umbilical flowline and riser (SURF) systems. 

Description and Megatrends
Global demand for oil and gas continues to increase whilst historic supplies are being depleted. This is driving the upstream segment to increase exploration activity and develop extraction/production techniques applicable to hostile onshore and offshore environments. Such difficult environments are tight deposits, deep water >3000 meters, pre-salt deposits and under-arctic ice flows. This results in greater exposure to increased temperatures ranges, pressures and corrosive environments in addition to environmental risks associated with component or system failures.

Increased offshore exploration in shallow or deep water has resulted in major investments for jack-up rigs offering the flexibility associated with mobility for which the use of high strength steels with yield in excess of 690 MPa are widely used. Production in deep-water, pre-salt and sour-service environments require higher strength steels that offer resistance to corrosion, erosion and increased operating temperature ranges. In such applications, high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) and super duplex stainless steels are used in conjunction with high-nickel and wear-resistant alloys. Our mills have had many years of experience in developing and adapting our grades to meet these stringent industrial demands.

Customers and Stakeholders
Customers and stakeholders in this key segment are often global but include local or regional partnerships and can be summarized as governments, national and international oil companies, and front-end engineering and design (FEED).

• Topside processing modules
• SURF systems: subsea, umbilical, risers, flow lines
• MWD/LWD components

Our product range includes high-strength low-alloy (HSLA), stainless steels (austenitic, martensitic, precipitation hardening, duplex and super duplex); and non-ferrous nickel and copper alloys.

Service and Markets
Global oil and gas industry segment managers are supported by colleagues in the regions (technical and commercial) via local facilities in key markets such as Russia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Technical expertise and application support in key areas of grade development for upstream applications are located in our main manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and Brazil, with our own mill here in South Boston Virginia. We are working closely together and in partnerships with colleagues and customers worldwide to develop the best solutions for this industry.

Our manufacturing facilities hold a wide range of national, international, customer and third-party approvals secured via audit processes supported by our management and quality systems (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004) and approvals.

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