Oil and Gas Exploration Downstream Applications

Steel and Alloys for the complete value chain of oil and gas production.
Our products and services can be found in every field of oil and gas production and processing from upstream processes in which petroleum compounds are explored to downstream activities in which extracted oil and gas is processed, cracked or transformed as a feedstock. You will also find our products and services in midstream technologies used in the transport of hydrocarbons.
We offer customer-driven alloys to support safe, efficient, and cost effective operation of upstream, midstream and downstream facilities and equipment.

Oil and Gas Downstream Applications 
Downstream Challenges
Global demand for fuel products is increasing. The quality of petroleum compounds such as crude oil or natural gas extracted in different geographical locations is diverse, and extra-heavy oil plays a bigger role than it did in the past. Unconventional oil and gas from oil sands and shale are being explored and are more in focus. The environmental restrictions on fuels and petrochemical products have become stricter. All these variables complicate the solution for the oil and gas suppliers in determining how to make the best quality products from the most difficult, heaviest feedstock and with sustainable margins. To solve this problem, a lot of innovative processes have been introduced over the decades. Each new process offers better output provided that critical process equipment withstands the intense thermomechanical loads and resists numerous damage mechanisms. We have been busy making ever better and finer steel grades to withstand such service conditions.

We focus on demanding applications within petroleum refining, gas processing, olefin and aromatic as well as methanol plants.
• Crude and vacuum distillation towers
• Desalters
• Hydrodesulphurization (HDS) reactors
• Hydrocracking reactors
• Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) reactors
• Alkylation reactors and acid drums
• Gas processing injection lines
• Gas processing inlet separators
• Various fractionators
• Methanol reactors

Main Product Categories
A number of different steel grades and non-ferrous alloys have been applied in the industry. Some of the main grades are
• Alloy 625
• Alloy C276
• Alloy C22
• Alloy 400
• Alloy 500
• S.S.
• C-Mn
• 1 ¼ Cr ½ Mo
• 2 ¼ Cr 1Mo
• 2 ¼ Cr 1Mo ¼V
• High temperature tubing; alloy 800, 25/35 Nb, 35/45 Nb
• Alloy 625
• Alloy 400
• S.S 410S
• S.S 347
• S.S 308L
S.S 316L

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