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As specialists in processes and materials, we develop product solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers, adapted to ever-growing requirements and geared toward ensuring the increased market presence of our customers.

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As market leaders for safety components, we offer a wide range of manufacturing techniques for the production of both simple and complex airbag tube components.

voestalpine Rotec specialises in the production of components for passenger car air suspension systems. Using the same production technology, different geometries may be produced on a variable basis.

voestalpine Rotec Group produces not just tube components for the automotive industry, but also for various other industrial applications

The automotive and automotive components supplier industries represent the significant area of use for precision cut lengths, they could also be used in the domestic appliance industry and mechanical engineering.

voestalpine Rotec Group manufactures profiles with a development of up to 160 mm and a wall thickness of up to 14 mm.

Seamless precision tubes are used wherever a high level of measuring accuracy, smooth surfaces and improved resistance values are of the essence. These tubes are available in any desired dimension

For the manufacturing of tubular parts for seat belt tensioner and buckle pretensioner, voestalpine Rotec Group benefits from the following factors.

voestalpine Rotec Group is able to offer its customers a highly qualified service in the development of steering components, in particular for prototype construction.

Combining superior knowledge of forming and joining tubes and sheet metal.

Precision tubes according to EN10305-2 are manufactured in a cold forming process for stretch-reduced or HF-welded hollow sections (shell).


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