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UNIAS[1] Sensor de roda

O sensor de roda com aprovação SIL4 UniAS[1] é um sensor de roda certificado IP68 com uma interface de 20mA que se beneficia da maior resistência contra várias influências de EMC e condições ambientais.

The SIL4 approved wheel sensor UniAS[1] can be mounted by using clamp at the foot of the rail without drilling the web of the rail.

These include an outstanding temperature stability and variable amplification factor for the desired signal and finally a 20mA signal to provide high immunity against disturbances emitted from the vehicles and impacts to any cable.


  • Enhanced Temperature Stability leads to highest availability and reliability
  • IP68 certified
  • Pluggable cable on connection box side available upon request
  • 20mA Analog Signal and therefore Enhanced interference immunity on cable section
  • Flexibility for switching thresholds adjustments
  • Variable Signal Amplification, interfering signals will not be amplified
  • Cable Outlet and Color Selectable
    • Depending on the application and customer requirements
    • Colors can be chosen freely
  • Mounting
    • Easy mounting without drilling
    • Rail clamp optimized against vibrations and shocks
    • Suitable for almost all rail profiles
    • Grooved Rail Installation Methods available upon request