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Fixation intérieure du contre-aiguille IBAV - Système BWG

Dans le système de fixation intérieure du contre-rail « système BWG », le coussinet de glissement est séparé de la selle de rail nervurée pour faciliter le montage et l'entretien.

In the inner stock rail fastening "System BWG” the sliding chair is separated from the ribbed base plate for easier assembly and maintenance. Just like in common rail fastening systems, the slide chair and thus the stock rail are braced to the ribbed plate by two independent clamping springs of at least 10 kN. When the train is passing over the switch rail the slide chair is elastically deflected. Due to the changed operating principle - compared to that of an one-piece slide chair plate - the stock rail assumes the load carrying effect without loading the clamping springs. The switch rail also remains elastically bedded on the slide chair because rail pads are arranged not only underneath the stock rail but at the same time also underneath the slide chair. This results in a track-like support.

Technical description:

  • Slide chair separated from the ribbed base plate
  • On one side the slide chair rests on the stock rail foot and on the other side on an elastic rail pad, which in turn rests on the base plate
  • Bracing of slide chair and stock rail by means of two independent clamping springs, which rest on the slide chair with their tips and are each supported in upward direction by an opening in the base plate
  • An anti-tilt device secures the stock rail in position at all times


  • Can be used in all turnouts
  • Available for almost all common rail profiles
  • Track-like, elastic support of stock rail and switch rail
  • Creep resistance-of the stock rail equivalent to conventional track designs
  • Easy assembly of stock rail and switch rail
  • High safety due to two independent clamping springs
  • Integration of switch rolling systems (e.g. vaRoll) possible, components in the sleeper spacing impeding maintenance are eliminated
  • Easy replacement of worn slide chairs
  • Slide chairs can be aluminum-silicon or molybdenum coated to reduce the switching resistance
  • Elastic function and horizontal adjustability