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VAMAV Vasúti Berendezések Kft.

VAMAV Vasúti Berendezések Kft. is a turnout manufacturing company located in Gyöngyös, North-Hungary. It is a joint venture of voestalpine Railway Systems GmbH and MÁV Zrt.

Our main activities are designing, producing, assembling and repairing of the railway track equipments including turnouts and their parts, monoblocks and welded crossings, crossovers, insulated joints, switches and fastenings materials.
Our missions are to supply the rail-guided transport companies with modern track bed structures and to improve railway transport safety and competitiveness.
Our aim is to strengthen our market position by continuous profitable activities and by satisfying our customers' demands. On the one hand, we provide the possibility for our employees to improve themselves both financially and intellectually; on the other hand, we also ensure reasonable profit for our owners.

  • "Steelworks" - this is how the first significant turnout factory is referred by the citizens of Gyöngyös. The company has been manufacturing in Gyöngyös since 1951. At the end of 1991, a joint venture was established named VAMAV Vasúti Berendezések Kft. 50% of company is owned by MÁV (Hungarian State Railway) and the other 50% belongs to the Austrian VAE GmbH.


Ervin JOÓ

Managing Director - CEO
Production (Production Planning and Production), Engineering and Production Design,
HSE, Quality Management, Sales, HR, legal affairs, Exercise of the employer’s rights over the employees of the Company, PR activities


Managing Director - CFO
Accounting, Controlling and Finance, Procurement and Warehousing, Facility and Energy Management, IT



Products & Services

  • VAMAV is market leader for railway turnout system solutions in Hungary. Innovative drive, detecting and locking systems, monitoring equipment for rolling stock as well as fixed assets and a variety of related services complement the product portfolio.

    • Turnouts (Vignol and Phoenix)
    • Scissor crossovers
    • Crossovers
    • Hytronics products
    • Expansion joints
    • Insulated joints
    • Transition rails
    • Buffer stops
    • Other rail track equipment

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    • Rail milling
    • Turnout grinding
    • Delivery of the pre-assembled turnouts
    • First maintenance service
    • Installation of diagnostic products

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