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We organise our production deeper. Including more value <br> for you.-

We organise our production deeper. Including more value
for you.

Rolling, annealing, slitting, grinding, hardening - we do these tasks efficiently in the industrial machining of strip steel, so that this labor-intensive tasks are not left to you.

We organise our production to be more variable and deeper so that you keep your processes (and costs) flatter in final production.

Near to final product - we use the ability in the cold rolling process to transition your strip steel strip to a profile approximating the final shape. Such as with a finely machined cutting edge for knife blades. This not only cuts down your overhead, it also reduces the loss of metallurgical quality associated with machining processes. With a diverse range of options in edge and surface design, we further reduce your overhead cost and expense in final production.

Process perfect - our production facility is one of the most modern in the world. It unites uncompromising quality and maximum efficiency - in our as well as your production. We broaden your flexible selection options as regards basic materials by machining specific coil weights. We reduce retooling costs with the ability to handle coils with specific coil weight of 24kg/mm. And we optimise the process transition from our to your production by supplying on a needs basis – stacked on pallets for example.
production depth:
For reduced
overhead cost
in final production.