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We do not just stay at the surface.-

We do not just stay at the surface.

voestalpine Precision Strip is much more than a specialist in strip steel production. We have been dedicating ourselves to metallurgical research for decades - making us a specialist for particular requirements.

Your partner for special steel grades

The facts and figures speak for themselves - decades of experience in the fields of high quality steel machining and cold-rolled strip production ensure high levels of problem-solving power. The experts in our in-house R&D department are knowledge-leaders in the fields of metallurgy, metalworking and customer applications.

voestalpine Precision Strip is in a position to make any cold-workable steel grade. In the voestalpine network, we have access to the latest melting technologies, such as vacuum and remelting processes, and production of powder-metallurgical steels. If you let us in on your very special requirements, we can provide the right strip steel. Even a completely new steel type if required.

"Your application is our focus. With our diverse range of technology combinations we are your partner for alternatives regarding materials and machining."
Gottfried Gruber, Head of Production
We penetrate down into the depths of the microstructure with sound metallurgical knowledge.