Engineered to last

A stepping stone for the compressor industry: uddeholmstrip has launched Flap-X, a new highly developed steel grade for flapper valves with outstanding metallurgical and mechanical properties.
Engineered to last

New uddeholmstrip steel grade with enhanced properties

For the compressor industry, reliability is one of the most important features of a compressor. As a component, the flapper valve plays a crucial part in influencing the life time by accommodating the constant movement. The fatigue life of Flap-X is improved significantly compared to the already great standard material UHB SS716, used for decades as a reference all over the world. With figures such as: 30% higher bending fatigue and 60% more cycles of impact fatigue, Flap-X is a material suitable for products with extremely high requirements.

When the goal is to provide a product with outstanding reliability whilst maintaining efficiency over time, Flap-X should be the natural choice. Flap-X is ready for orders and anyone who would like a trial order of the new material is welcome to contact our responsible sales person <This e-mail address is protected against spam bots, you have to activate JavaScript in your browser to see it.>.

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