Automotive Plastics

voestalpine Plastics Solutions develops and produces a wide range of solutions for the automotive industry. The use of plastics in this industry has been growing steadily for years, driven by vehicle weight-out considerations and the high degree of design freedom offered by these materials.

There are three separate customer segments to be distinguished within the voestalpine Plastics Solutions automotive portfolio: Passenger car OEMs, Truck OEMs and System suppliers. The specific properties that are important are different for each of these groups. The properties required by a spare wheel well for a Passenger car OEM, for example, are stiffness, strength, a high degree of functional integration and good crash performance, while an exterior part for a Truck OEM may be very big and demand optimal surface quality. Then again, a roof part for a System supplier will have extremely narrow tolerance requirements that must be met. Resourceful and innovative in the development of creative solutions, voestalpine Plastics Solutions successfully offers customers the qualities they require, every time.

One recently developed and patented technology is EASI

voestalpine Plastics Solutions has a lot of experience in manufacturing secondary bulkheads. Secondary bulkheads are used to shield the passenger cabin from noise and engine heat. This increases cabin comfort and electrical components have a longer life by the creation of a cold zone. Encapsulating the engine saves energy by keeping heat around the engine.

Within the customer base for Passenger Cars voestalpine Plastics Solutions is mainly concentrating on the premium markets where high quality plastic solutions that contribute to improvement of sound isolation and realisation of savings in weight are best represented.

Time has changed the development and production of cars tremendously. Today’s vehicles show controlled air flows by round shapes and carefully positioned air channels. New legislation requires the covering of the bottom of the engine compartment.

Polynorm Inmoulded Sound Absorber.

PMH is a technology in which steel and plastic are teamed together to obtain maximum benefit.

Aesthetic parts are produced for interiors as well as exteriors of cars and trucks. Examples are trunk parts and parts of bumper systems. These parts are produced for System Suppliers who assemble and deliver complete systems to OEMs.

The development of high-grade plastic components enables the production of more complex plastic products. Furthermore, the design freedom of plastics offers exceptional possibilities, especially in combination with new materials. High tolerances, even comparable to those of steel and aluminium, can be achieved with fibre reinforced plastics.

voestalpine Plastics Solutions has years of experience in plastic welding solutions. In cooperation with various prestigious OEM customers voestalpine Plastics Solutions developed a range of cooling water expansion tanks.

Exterior skin components have different properties. Some determine the appearance, while others protect sensitive parts and/or other road users. Requirements are therefore different for each component. Road abrasion, oil, grease and brine are aspects which should be taken into account during the materialization of exterior skin components.

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