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Rail Grout

voestalpine Nortrak introduces High Performance Rail Grout HRPG® TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 MD (Meter Dispensed) along with P480 and POLYPRIME.

HRPG® TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 MD are polyurethane systems designed to fill space between transportation rail and concrete. It minimizes rail deflection, absorbs vibrations without cracking, and electrically isolates the rail. HRPG® TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 MD is delivered in meter-ready totes, drums, or pails and can be applied directly over a gravel extender for Type 1 and over a gravel filler for Type 2.

Where to Use:

  • VOIDS: between the rail and concrete
  • SPECIAL TRACKWORK: intersection and stations
  • OVER STRUCTURES: parking garages and tunnels
  • RAIL MAINTENANCE: track repair or replacement

Features and Benefits:

  • FAST CURING: reopen to traffic quickly
  • ELECTRICAL ISOLATION: excellent track-to-earth resistance
  • SOUND DAMPENING: reduces acoustic noise
  • VERTICAL STIFFNESS: minimizes lateral displacement
  • ZERO VOC: environmentally friendly
  • ADJUSTABLE SET TIMES: faster or slower set times upon request for Type 2 only


  • Type 1 - 5 gallon buckets; 50 gallon drums; 200 gallon totes
  • Type 2 - 25 gallon in 5 gallon pails: 4 resin, 1 ISO; 50 gallon in drum/pail set; 250 gallon in tote/drum set


  • Gray

Shelf Life:

  • 1 year when properly stored


  • Store and ship this product in a clean, dry, low-humidity, shaded or covered environment at 60° to 90° F (15 to 32° C)

For more Technical and Application information please see the Brochure for full details