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Hollow Switch Ties (HST®)

Before HST®, all rods had to be removed before surfacing, then reinstalled - causing more work or not doing the surfacing work at all. Nortrak has combined the rods into a hollow steel tie section, making the tie cribs clear for tamping operations.

Nortrak’s HST® system is an advanced Switch Support System that:

  • Improves gauge restraint
  • Facilitates continued mechanized surfacing through the turnout

Key elements of HST® system comprise:

  • Robust, maintenance free formed steel ties
    • Weld free structural elements to maximize fatigue life
  • High strength composite “blue rods”
    • Provide maintenance free insulation
  • Rotary Assist
    • Minimum lost motion
    • External basket adjustment -free of ducts and covers


  • Improved switch life
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Greater switch reliability- fewer trouble calls
  • Positive gauge control
  • Can be used with any switch machine