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ClickTite™ Rail Brace

The ClickTiteTM rail brace was designed to improve clamping force for smoother installations and reduced maintenance. It consists of a brace and base held in place by a tapered wedge, serrated washer and an e-clip.

The unique feature that sets the ClickTite brace apart from others is that the holding force of the brace is not dependent upon the spring force of the e-clip. With other braces, the toe load of the e-clip is required to prevent the rail from rolling out of the seat. With the ClickTite design, however, the e-clip is required only to hold the serrated washer in place. Clamping force is applied via the tapered wedge. This is important both for Installation (see below) and maintenance. In the case of maintenance, other braces require adjustment over time as the e-clip becomes sprung and the toe load decreases. With the mechanical locking provided by the tapered wedge in the ClickTite brace, fewer adjustments are needed.

Installation with ClickTite

The vastly improved clamping force of the ClickTite brace is critical at the time of installation, when large panels are often lifted with a sling under the rail and carried over rough terrain before being set in place. Our calculations show that the torque exerted on individual rail braces can approach 10,500 lb-ft. in these cases. Other braces (that depend upon the holding force of the e-clip) have been measured to allow the rail to roll out of the seat with torques of 8,200 or as low as 4,100 lb-ft. The ClickTite was measured to consistently resist torques in excess of 12,000 lb-ft. This ensures that a panel utilizing the ClickTite rail brace can be installed without fear of delays due to rail roll out – delays that could easily overrun a work block. 

The ClickTite brace can also be supplied with the option of resilience, which will lower lateral forces, further reducing maintenance and increasing turnout life.