Our foundry in Decatur, Illinois supplies a growing range of manganese steel, plastic pads, insulators, and ductile iron castings to the rail and other industries.

Our plastic extrusion capabilities have the ability to design and manufacture a number of different products.

Fast response times, consistent quality and competitive pricing have established Nortrak as the railway industry’s “go to” supplier of molded plastic and ductile iron products. Our custom design capability and state-of-the-art production facilities enable us to meet your requirements with minimal lead times.



Is a parallel, grounded switch stand of enclosed design, for tongue switches or switches in paved streets.

Features an adjustable and replaceable wear bar made from 33C1 guard bar material.

New designation of the popular European UIC33 section also referred to as the U69 or RL-160.

Have evolved into a piece of Rail with part of the base machined away and either flares machined in to the head, the ends bent or both.

A switch point roller consisting of a ductile iron casting.

Are extremely rugged, column-type mainline switch stands.

Our in-house production of concrete turnout ties enables Nortrak to be in complete control of the design, fabrication, and delivery of concrete turnout ties for customers.

The small and low profile of CSV-24 houses all of the mechanical and electro-hydraulic modules.

Can throw a switch point up to 3 ⅛”, while the larger HY-311 has a maximum throw of 4 ¾”.

Connects a series of parallel tracks to allow a train to cross over on to any track no matter which direction it is going.

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