February 2017 - voestalpine Nortrak announces recent certification to AAR M-1003

22 February 2017

voestalpine Nortrak is pleased to announce our recent certification to AAR M-1003 at each of our manufacturing plants including trackwork, concrete ties, Mn frog castings, iron castings and plastic components. This achievement goes hand in hand with our recent reregistration to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard and our concrete tie plant is a qualified PCI member enabling us to support our railroad and transit customers in their native quality system.

These certifications, along with voestalpine Nortrak’s Quality Policy, further strengthen our commitment to our customers:

We at voestalpine Nortrak are committed to fulfilling our customer’s expectations by providing quality products at the right price, delivered consistently on time. This is achieved by:

P roactively working to address and solve problems;

R igorously complying with specifications and quality standards;

I mproving processes, products and technical competence on a continual basis;

D oing what we said we would do – every time; and

E ncouraging open and constructive dialogue with customers.

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