April 2017- voestalpine Nortrak Decatur Health and Wellness Contest

3 April 2017

To promote health and wellness, voestalpine Nortrak Decatur held a Biggest Loser competition beginning on January 2nd 2017 and ending on March 27th. We had 17 participates and the group lost a combined total of 281.4lbs. The winner’s for this challenge were based off of the biggest percentage of weight loss. Congratulations!

The winners of the Biggest Loser Contest are:

1st Place: Pete Hopkins-Pattern Maker Team Lead - 24.03 percent of body weight lost

2nd Place: Jason Steele-Designer – 23.89 percent of body weight lost

3rd Place: Brandon Tully-Mn Cleaning & Opex Supervisor – 16.50 percent of body weight lost

4th Place: Tim Goeckner-Engineering Team Lead – 14.76 percent of body weight lost

Honorable mention: Terry Tippit –Special Fabrication- 10.71 percent lost

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