voestalpine Nortrak Decatur Health and Wellness Contest

4 April 2016

To promote health and wellness, voestalpine Nortrak Decatur held a Biggest Loser competition beginning on January 4th 2016 and ending on March 28th. We had 21 participates and the group lost a combined total of 409.6lbs. The winner’s for this challenge were based off of the biggest percentage of weight loss. As a bonus, for every pound an employee lost, they brought in canned goods to donate to a local homeless shelter. We donated over 300 canned goods to Decatur Cares Rescue Mission for homeless men and women in the Decatur area.

The winners of the Biggest Loser Contest are:

1st Place: Jason Steele – Designer-24.05% lost
2nd Place: Pete Hopkins-Pattern Maker Team Lead - 19.64% lost
3rd Place: Blake Albritton-Technical Manager - 17.16% lost
4th Place: Craig Miller-No Bake Supervisor - 16.85% lost

Honorable mentions
Clayton Rowe –Manganese Cleaning- 14.99% lost
Tim Goeckner-Engineering Team Lead - 10.82% lost
Shawn Hendricks –Shipping Coordinator 10.79% lost

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