The new substructure for photovoltaic systems mounted on flat rooftops

Ideas shape the future. The use of regenerative energy sources contributes substantially to the conservation of the earth's resources and makes our planet more livable. We have already become one of the leading providers of support frames for photovoltaic and solar systems. iFIX, the new generation of support structures for flat rooftops, is one of the most effective new developments of voestalpine Automotive Components in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Experience for the cutting edge. Deep-drawing technologies used in the automotive industry are used to manufacture iFIX. The highly sophisticated support system is used on flat rooftops, even those with minimized load-bearing capacity. Parts of the support frame are punched, and the mounting system consists mainly of corrosion-protected steel sheet. The entire steel structure, PV module mounting, cable routing and wind side shields are integrated. Assembly and mounting are reduced to a minimum.

iFIX—A pioneering technology:

  • High static load capacity
  • Quick and tool-free mounting
  • Simple planning
  • Optimized aerodynamics 
  • High level of construction-site flexibility
  • General building inspectorate approval in Germany
iFIX standard
  • 1 main plate
  • 1 wind plate
  • 4 lever clamps
iFIX alternative

iFIX colofer in white (high UV resistance)

  • 1 main plate
  • 1 wind plate
  • 4 lever clamps
Quick flat roof assembly system
  • Install up to 70 kWp with 3 mounting specialists 
  • Assembly directly on gravel rooftops 
  • No penetration of roof weatherproofing
  • Cost savings through optimized material usage

iFIX Garantee
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Verkaufs AGB vPKG
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