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Unit load system

Creating a unit load system is a precision task. In order to ensure the functionality of a automatically-operated plant, it comes down to the millimetre. It is for this reason that we use quality-assured, cold-formed profiles from our own company. The extremely small tolerances of our profiles are the foundation for the dimensional accuracy of the entire structure and the permanent secure automatic operability.

Precisely meeting our customers demands. Unit load systems for automatic operation – highly precise manufacturing and assembly.

Complete solutions from a single source. With the perfect interaction between system technology and customized production, we provide you highly economically with the best solutions. The stored product is a determining factor for our construction as well.  We assemble turn-key unit load systems as roof and wall-bearing steel constructions, in which case we take absolutely all parameters into consideration, ranging from the structures technical infrastructure such as ventilation, heating and sprinklers, through to conveyor technology and operating devices. Our professional approach to the construction work, starting from laying the foundation, is a decisive factor for the final success of the warehouse.

We are specialists for

  • single, double and multi-deep solutions
  • Highest stability and earthquake resistance
  • Pallet rack with integrated order-picking levels
  • Deep-freezer warehouse


  • 1/2/3 pallets per bay
  • Rack-space height is over 3 meters, rack-space width up to 4.5 meters
  • Highest flexibility: Euro pallets, industrial pallets, chep-pallets, pallet cage – everything can be stored