Further Processing

3D Lasercutting

We provide formed, hollow and light steel sections to meet your exact requirements. Adherence to the closest tolerances is a matter of course, along with perfect 3D cutting, bevelling, complex drilling and cutting patterns. These capabilities apply to both straight and bent components.

Perforating, drilling

We provide tubes and sections with perforation patterns exactly in accordance with your specification.


Maximum precision and optimum material input guarantee best results. Our capable further processing technology ensures highest performance.


We shape tubes and sections in accordance with the requested radii, without any loss of specific characteristics of the product or material.

Clinching and spot welding

We join open sections on a permanent basis to form the ready to install parts as required.

Flanging, indenting, endforming

Using press dies for specific products, tubes and sections are locally formed in order to create components with additional integrated functions.