Hi-Engineered Tubes & Sections

Quality – Know-how – Innovation – Service

Responsibility always involves the whole process.
Market developments imply new opportunities but also a great many new challenges for the industry.

To ensure you can better meet all the present and future requirements regarding quality, safety and environmental compatibility, we remain steadfast in pursuit of our vision: developing the best cold-rolled steel pipes and profiles in the world on your behalf.

This means focusing on essentials, the requirements of our customers. We believe our solutions are only perfect if they enable you to implement
your ideas to the full.

The products of decades of experience, our achievements allow you to stay that all-important one step ahead in terms of quality and efficiency, and to pass this on to your customers as added value.

We consider quality, the environment and health and safety at work to be equally important. As an employer we are always conscious of our responsibility and committed to investing in the continuing professional development of our employees as well as quality assurance. Therefore both environmental management and quality control at voestalpine Krems have ISO certification.

Our mission is clearly defined:
enabling our customers to be successful.

Designed for progress:

The industry needs steel solutions which are more individual and more intelligent than ever before. voestalpine Krems ensures you can implement your ideas to the full. With Hi-Engineered Tubes & Sections.

Hi-Engineered Tubes & Sections stand up to conditions in which other tubes and sections have long since failed. Deliberately malleable and yet solid. Thin-walled yet immensely strong. Hi-Engineered Tubes & Sections are highly precise solutions for sophisticated products in virtually any application area.

voestalpine Krems offers a uniquely competent service and range of materials throughout its integrated process chain. Synergies in the voestalpine Group, premium steel and an unending passion for innovations lasting for decades all combine to produce steel sections for tomorrow.

Enjoy a new kind of freedom when developing your products: unique throughout the world, our products and services and long-lasting development
partnerships enable us and our customers to work together to find the right answers even for special requests. Give your ideas totally free rein.
Quality + Know-how + Innovation + Service
= Hi-Engineered Tubes & Sections