The coating innovation made by voestalpine

Backlack technology is an innovative joining technique used in the production of electrical steel packages. A controlled chemical process is used to cleanly and compactly joined coated laminations. This technology is characterized by a number of advantages when compared to conventional joining techniques.

Quality improvement in the final product

  • High fatigue strength under operational stress
  • Improved acoustics, reduced frequency noise
  • Compactness and stability, no imbalance

Package processing advantages

  • Mechanically workable packages
  • High pre-installed package strength
  • Freedom of package design

Increased efficiency in the final product

  • Higher efficiency based on greater power density
  • Lower recalescence based on best thermal conductivity

With its development of the innovative backlack-v coating voestalpine has made it possible for customers for the first time to efficiently bond electrical steel packages for applications in generators and industrial engines while improving product quality at the same time. Improved coil stability guarantees optimized handling and increased safety. As a water-based lacquer system, backlack-v is also extremely environmentally compatible.

Improved material quality

  • Consistent quality of supply
  • Prolonged service life based on decelerated ageing

Improved adhesive behavior, especially in the long term

  • Higher typical adhesive strength
  • Improved sustained temperature and hydrothermal resistance of the adhesive-bonded package

Processing advantages in package manufacturing

  • Reduced enameling time and diminished pressure
  • Shortened cooling time

Improved performance characteristics

  • Improved thermal conductivity through optimized adjustment of lacquer fillers
  • Improved magnetic properties based on nearly complete protection against short circuits between laminations

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