100% Performance

  • Maximum performance
    Exclusive manufacturing of the pre-material in the integrated voestalpine metallurgical plant and modern units guarantees the production of highest-performance electrical steel.
  • Customized product properties
    Eddy current and hysteresis losses are important quality criteria. voestalpine is one of the few European electrical steel producers who can easily vary all the production parameters in an integrated metallurgical facility and define the quality assurance standards in the most modern annealing lines.
  • High magnetic polarization and permeability
    Magnetic polarization and permeability are essential values in the engineering of electric machinery. Only high inductance allows efficient utilization of available energies.
  • Material homogeneity
    High process reliability and low tolerances through continuous rolling and annealing processes guarantee homogeneous material in the interest of mechanical, magnetic and geometric properties. This leads to stable material processing, low tool wear, less scrap accumulation and rejects as well as high dimensional accuracy of the stamped part.
  • High thermal conductivity
    High thermal conductivity permits further optimization of performance. The innovative alloy design and the high chemical degree of purity of isovac® grades significantly increases thermal conductivity.

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