• voestalpine Klangwolke 2015
Peter Felsbach, Head of Group Communications
“voestalpine Klangwolke is one of the highlights and flagships in Upper Austria's cultural calendar. We are pleased that we can contribute to this event.”

High Forest - Dance of the Trees in the Donaupark

For the fourth time in a row voestalpine is a main sponsor of this unique cultural event in Linz, the capital of Upper Austria. The theme of the visualized Klangwolke 2015, which will take place on September 5, is "High Forest – Dance of the Trees in the Donaupark".

Adalbert Stifter's HIGH FOREST as a poignant story of paradise and its loss in an open-air city setting.

During a war, a father from the Bohemian forest fears for the safety of his two daughters and so he takes them to a cabin hidden in the woods. The cabin is in a wild, unused area of the forest. But a young man whois in love with one of the daughters finds the hiding place. This is the background for this story of the forest, innocence and the quest for security. It is a story about the future of nature.

"When we consider how to develop cities in the 21st century, we do not have a creative concept for how to develop the natural environment that no longer grows independently of mankind. All forests in Europe were made by man. How do we develop nature in the future so that it is a worthwhile place to live?" comments director Hubert Lepka.

Or in other words: today the Bohemian forest is covered by commercial forest. Truly giant trees and creative nature are to be found in city parks and English gardens.

The forest comes to the city

The text written by Joey Wimplinger translates Stifter's romantic 1842 story into the urban landscape and cityscape of Linz an der Donau. Since neither the Danube nor the city buildings can go to the forest, the forest is brought to the city.

voestalpine as main sponsor

For the fourth time in a row voestalpine supports this cultural event as a main sponsor. A partnership that is reflected in its name – voestalpine Klangwolke – and accompanied by numerous activities. As in past years, in 2015 voestalpine will not only sponsor the event, it will also enhance the event with numerous activities, such as a separate area for 750 voestalpine employees from all over Austria.

As a global company group, voestalpine has around 500 Group companies and sites in more than 50 countries on all five continents. With this regional commitment, the Group once again takes a clear stand for social responsibility. It is convinced that artistic engagement in particular can open up valuable aspects and new perspectives.

With the "High Forest" theme and the discussion about a responsible approach to nature and its existential importance for mankind, this year's voestalpine Klangwolke, presented by Linz AG, impressively underscores this conviction.