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  • 12 September 2017

    Investigations of the German federal cartel office

    voestalpine AG hereby informs that in the course of the current investigations of the German federal cartel office against steel producers, an inspection in the office of voestalpine in Linz is conducted today (12th September 2017) for the German federal cartel office. The reason for the inspection is the suspicion of anti-competitive practices in the market for heavy plates. Austrian authorities are cooperating in accordance within the European legal framework.

  • Direct reduction plan Texas

    8 September 2017

    voestalpine direct reduction plant in Texas again fully operational after hurricane

    With wind speeds far in excess of 200 km/h and extensive flooding, Hurricane Harvey, which blew in at the end of August, was one of the greatest natural disasters in the history of the US state of Texas. Thanks to high construction and safety standards, the voestalpine plant in Corpus Christi, South Texas, withstood several days of the raging hurricane without having suffered significant damage. The direct reduction plant, the largest and most modern plant of its type in the world, was able to return to full operation yesterday, September 7. All 220 voestalpine Texas LLC employees are also safely back at their workplace. Last week the voestalpine Group promised emergency funding of USD 350,000 for employees and residents in the region who were affected by the hurricane.

  • Texas

    1 September 2017

    voestalpine supports those affected by the hurricane in Texas with emergency funding of USD 350,000

    The US state of Texas is currently experiencing one of the greatest natural disasters in its history. Thanks to high safety standards, the voestalpine direct reduction plant which was erected there in last years survived Harvey—the hurricane of the century which has been wreaking damage since last week—without substantial damage. In the entire South Texas region where Corpus Christi, the site of voestalpine Texas LLC, is located, there was heavy damage that extended to the complete destruction of entire residential areas. For this reason, the voestalpine Group is offering immediate support for affected employees and local citizens, making available USD 350,000 in emergency funding.

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