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Ad-Hoc News regarding FY 2010/11

31 May 2011 | 

Annual Report 2010/11: Annual profit triples to around 600 €m

Further improving dynamics of global economy. Emerging markets are driver of economic upturn, recovery of Europe based on exports, except peripheral areas in the South and very West. Sound recovery trend in Eastern Europe as well.
Excellent demand situation in automotive, energy-, railway infrastructure-, machine building- and consumer goods segments. Only building industry still suffering from lag effects of the crisis.
In this economic environment and in combination with positive effects from internal efficiency improvement measures, voestalpine is able to report financial results on excellent levels and further significant debt reductions.
The group earnings are evenly supported by the development of the single divisions. A crude steel production of 7.7 million tons means a new record production in the history of voestalpine group.
Despite well-known latent threats – excessive national debts in a number of states, uncertainties regarding the stability of the banking sector, etc. – a further positive economic development in the second half of Calendar Year 2011 can be expected.
Against this backdrop a further significant improvement of voestalpine results should be possible in 2011/12.
Dividend: 0.80 EUR per share, proposal to AGM.

Key figures of voestalpine group

(acc. IFRS;
in EURm)
FY 2009/10
1.4.2009 - 31.03.2010
FY 2010/11
1.4.2010 - 31.03.2011
Change in %
Revenue 8,550.0 10,953.7 +28.1
EBITDA 1.004.3 1,605.6 +59.9
EBITDA margin in % 11.7 14.7  
EBIT 352.0 984.8 +179.8
EBIT margin in % 4.1 9.0  
Profit before tax 183.3 781.0 +326.1
Profit for the period** 186.8 594.6 +218.3
EPS (in EUR) 0.65 3.04  
Gearing Ratio in % 71.3 57.8  


* according to IFRS all results after Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
** before non-controlling interests and interest on hybrid capital