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Ad-Hoc News regarding 2nd Quarter FY 2009/10

19 November 2009 | 

voestalpine: clearly positive earnings in 2nd quarter 2009/10.

In spite of the continuing difficult economic circumstances during the 2nd quarter of the 2009/10 business year voestalpine Group was able not only to significantly increase its result compared to the 1st quarter 2009/10, but also to announce profits across all reporting categories, including profits after tax, whilst keeping revenues stable. The Group has already been able to report a positive operating result (EBIT) for the first half of 2009/10 and significantly improved results for profit before tax and profit for the period, although compared to the record levels booked during the half year of 2008/09 we have naturally had to accept massive declines.

Against the background of an economic situation which remains extremely challenging across all major customer industries, for the 3rd quarter of the current business year similar results as for the 2nd quarter can be resumed, also taking seasonal effects into account. From a present-day perspective, a significantly positive operating result (EBIT) for the business year 2009/10 as a whole can be expected. At the same time, it ought to be possible to reach at least break even regarding profit for the period (annual net profit).

Key figures of voestalpine group, Q1 2009/10 vs. Q2 2009/10

(acc. IFRS: in EURm)* Q1 2009/10
Q2 2009/10
in %
Revenue 2.073,6 2.067,6 -0,3
EBITDA 134,9 234,2 73,6
EBITDA margin in % 6,5 11,3  
EBIT -24,0 70,4  
EBIT margin in % -1,2 3,4  
Profit before tax -67,7 29,3  
Profit for the period** -48,2 28,3  
EPS (in EUR) -0,40 0,05  

Key figures of voestalpine group, H1 2008/09 vs. H1 2009/10

(acc. IFRS: in EURm)* H1 2008/09
H1 2009/10
in %
Revenue 6.486,2 4.141,2 -36,2
EBITDA 1.143,4 369,1 -67,7
EBITDA margin in % 17,6 8,9  
EBIT 785,6 46,4 -94,1
EBIT margin in % 12,1 1,1  
Profit before tax 658,9 -38,4  
Profit for the period** 518,8 -19,9  
EPS (in EUR) 2,94 -0,35  

* According to IFRS all results after Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
** Before minority interest and hybrid capital interest