voestalpine Steel Research Award 2017

It is curiosity to see what research can do that moves us.
We are looking forward to your submission for the Steel Research Award 2017!

Research and development has a high priority in the voestalpine Group. With a record budget of EUR 150 million in the business year 2016/17, voestalpine is the most research-intensive company in Austria. Around 730 employees in 70 companies around the world are working in the Research and Development sector of the Group. Another key to success is the global network and the collaboration with external R&D partners, in particular with universities.

Whatever the future may bring, high-tech steel will play a key role and will contribute significantly to further improving quality of life. To cut a long story short—steel has a future.

Franz Michael Androsch, Head of voestalpine Group Research Franz Michael Androsch, Head of voestalpine Group Research

This is why voestalpine is supporting the thirst for research of young university graduates specializing in science and business with the voestalpine Steel Research Award. The award, which is endowed with EUR 12,000, is given every two years for outstanding work that deals with the topic of steel in the following research sectors:

  • Metallurgy
  • Materials science
  • Processing technology, as well as
  • their application

Take charge of your future together with us and submit your project!

Submission criteria

  • Outstanding research work dealing with steel in the following sectors is being supported: metallurgy, materials science, processing technology, and their application -> restricted to dissertations
  • International call for work by young (no older than 35) researchers from the sectors of science and business
  • The submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria: scientific relevance, topicality, originality, and applicability/implementability
  • Evaluation by an independent jury
    • A representative from Montanuniversität Leoben
    • A representative from TU Wien
    • A representative from Graz University of Technology
    • voestalpine's Head of Group Research
  • Endowment: EUR 12,000.00

E-mail asmet@asmet.at for all information and documentation for the submission of your project.

The deadline for submissions for the voestalpine Steel Research Award is April 30, 2017.