Research & Development

voestalpine encourages innovations. Thanks to increasing investment in research and development, products and production processes can continue to be developed and improved.

Facts & figures

R&D gross expenses (without R&D installation investments) in millions of euros

During the business year 2015/16 research & development expenditure amounted to EUR 131.75 million. The budget for the current BY 2016/17 is a record EUR 150 million, an increase of 13% over the previous year. Thus voestalpine remains Austria's most research-intensive company (according to EU rankings). The research ratio (proportion of R&D expenditure in relation to revenue) lies at 1.19%, and at 2.72% when measured against value creation.

Innovation is the key word for voestalpine’s worldwide success. The current record-breaking budget of EUR 141 million shows clearly that research, development, and innovation have top priority at the voestalpine Group. Consistent investment in this key sector is essential as it is clear to everyone at voestalpine that we can ensure our future as an international player in sophisticated product segments only by specializing and maintaining our technology and quality leadership.

Head of R&D Franz Androsch Head of R&D Franz Androsch

The basis for this success is a comprehensive knowledge network comprised of numerous different collaborations and affiliations with national and international universities, universities of applied sciences, and research institutions, as well as a number of development partnerships with key customers.

Key areas of innovation

Some of the top priorities of R&D at voestalpine are the development of new materials, coatings, and processing methods, as well as new joining techniques to bond steel to other materials. The challenges of the future, for example, lie in developing material qualities that are able to meet ever increasing demands. This includes ultra-high strength steels of the future and extremely resilient, durable high-tech rails or high-speed railway switches that guarantee safety and optimal passenger comfort, even at a speed of 380 kilometers per hour.
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Innovation in Energy and Environmental Protection

voestalpine is not only a technology leader in the development and production of the most sophisticated steel products but is also a benchmark for energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. voestalpine is the first steelmaker in the world to replace fossil fuels in the blast furnace with waste plastics and has thus reduced the CO2 emissions at the Linz location by more than 500,000 tons annually. Moreover, in the past 30 years, the amount of energy used in steel production has been decreased by roughly 50%. Over the past 15 years, the reduction in energy consumption was about 20%.
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