Comprehensive digitalization is one of the key preconditions for continuing to drive forward our technological leadership in future global markets.

Eder Wolfgang Eder

The future is at the heart of everything we do – the future of the world,  but also, of course, the future of voestalpine. We therefore view the digital transformation as not just a means to an end but as a central factor that enables us to continue expanding our position as a world-leading technology and capital goods company. It is a decisive driver when it comes to improving quality and processes, making our activities more efficient and effective and thus to further improve our position in global competition. It allows us to employ systems engineering throughout our company, to learn from each other and to harmonize our work methods.
Company-wide principles and basic rules are therefore incorporated into our overall strategy to create an optimal framework for the digital transformation. Key elements through which we are creating change and once again taking our future into our own hands.

Digitalization of the value chain