LD slag certified according to REACH

LD slag was registered years ago, as a requirement of the European REACH chemicals regulation. This permits the use of LD slag throughout Europe, for instance, as an aggregate for asphalt, a raw material for the production of cement and clinkers, filling materials, or as material mixtures for base courses without binders for road and railway construction.

The EU’s REACH regulation came into force on June 1, 2007. As a result, before they reach the market, all products are subject to strict European chemical regulations and must therefore be registered. LD slag has also been subject to registration in accordance with the EU chemicals regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals), which includes examination for any danger that a product might pose to the environment. As it meets REACH specifications, voestalpine successfully concluded registration for LD slag with the responsible European chemicals agency (ECHA) years ago. The registration dossier alone comprised around 2,000 pages.

The result of this examination is summarized in the materials safety report, which is publicly available, and confirms that LD slag is not a dangerous material in terms of this EU regulation. According to the system of EU chemical law, this registration not only prevents LD slag from being qualified as “waste”, it also guarantees that it is covered by the free movement of goods throughout the EU. Consequently, any limitation to this free movement of goods and their use or reuse within the EU is a contravention of EU law where Austrian legislators have not proved that such a limitation is valid for reasons of danger and have based their conclusions on the results of the entire body of ecotoxicological expertise drawn up within the framework of the REACH system.