Environmental Principles of the voestalpine Group

Environmental Principles

The conviction that economic success and environmentally conscious and socially responsible action are inseparably linked has always been a core element of voestalpine’s corporate philosophy. However, sustainable environmental protection and social equality are only possible if they are implemented within an economically viable framework.

With this in mind, the following environmental principles are part of our daily operations; we are also committed to the environmental principles of the World Steel Association.

  • Holistic responsibility for our products. voestalpine produces and develops products and system solutions in close collaboration with its customers and suppliers and takes ecological requirements, such as a long useful life, preservation of resources, and the best possible reusability and recyclability, into consideration.
  • Optimization of production processes. In operating its plants and facilities, voestalpine applies state-of-the-art technology in an economically feasible way in order to minimize the environmental impact of its production sites. Efficient use of raw materials and energy is of primary importance to voestalpine.
  • Establishment of environmental management systems. voestalpine facilitates the development of environmental management systems in its Group companies. The core of these management systems is compliance with environmental provisions and the maintenance of continuous improvement programs.
  • Employee integration. voestalpine sees environmental protection and continuous improvement as the responsibility of each individual employee at all levels and in all business sectors. Responsible and expert employees ensure that technical facilities are operated at an optimum level and contribute to continuous improvement through environmentally aware behavior.
  • Open and objective dialogue. As the basis for shared and sustainable solutions, voestalpine maintains an open and objective dialogue with internal and external interest groups regarding all environmental issues relevant to the Group. voestalpine particularly encourages a Group-wide exchange of knowledge among all the production sites.