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Claudia Robineau

Managing Director

T: +33/388/2123-82

F: +33/388/250325

E: claudia.robineau@voestalpine.com

Iveta Schwarz

Assistant to the Management, Customer Service

T: +33/388/2123-77

F: +33/388/250325

E: iveta.schwarz@voestalpine.com

  •  Rails

Sebastien Caspar

Deputy Manager, Sales

T: +33/388/2123-83

F: +33/388/250325

E: sebastien.caspar@voestalpine.com

  • Rails

Olivier Stutz


T: +33/388/2123-78

F: +33/388/250325

E: oliver.stutz@voestalpine.com

  • Steel strip automotive industry


Jean-Luc Fauth


T: +33/388/2123-81

F: +33/388/250325

E: jean-luc.fauth@voestalpine.com

  • Electrical steel

Laurent Dieterling


T: +33/388/2123-71

F: +33/388/250325

E: laurent.dieterling@voestalpine.com

  • Steel Service Center (hot and cold)


Esther Wendling

Customer Service

T: +33/388/2123-80

F: +33/388/250325

E: esther.wendling@voestalpine.com

  • Steel strip automotive industry
  • Steel Service Center (hot and cold)

Huguette Lang

Customer Service

E: huguette.lang@voestalpine.com

  • Steel Strip

Nathalie Fernandes

Customer Service

T: +33/388/2123-73

F: +33/388/250325

E: nathalie.fernandes@voestalpine.com

  • Steel strip automotive industry

Myriam Fichter

Customer Service

T: +33/388/2123-84

F: +33/388/250325

E: myriam.fichter@voestalpine.com

  • Steel strip for house industry (colofer┬«), home appliance industry
  • Steel strip for profiles & sections

Nathanaelle Wagner

Marketing, Customer Service

T: +33/388/2123-65

F: +33/388/250325

E: nathanaelle.wagner@voestalpine.com

  • Steel strip for house industry, electrical steel

Nathalie Mattern


T: +33 388 2123-70

F: +33 388 250325

E: nathalie.mattern@voestalpine.com

  • Steel strip for construction industry, profiles
  • Steel Service Center (hot) for mechanical engineering industry

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