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People make the difference

voestalpine High Performance Metals GmbH is an attractive employer in many respects. As an international division of the voestalpine Group with strong and well-known brands for special steels and special materials, it is highly regarded by over 100,000 customers around the world. The outstanding quality of its products, state-of-the-art technologies and focused research and development make voestalpine High Performance Metals GmbH the market leader in numerous product segments.

The division employs 13,733 women and men in 50 countries. The expertise and personal responsibility of the people who work for this special steel group represent a distinguishing feature in the marketplace. Extensive cooperation in networks guarantees solution-oriented actions for the benefit of customers.

The training of apprentices, skilled workers and managers represents a major success factor for this global player. Division-wide feedback from internal surveys supports the evaluation of employee satisfaction and paves the way for focused training programs. A diverse working environment, opportunities for professional growth and possibilities for international assignments are only some of the many advantages provided by a global corporate group.

Committed employees who enjoy working with us

Every three years, we conduct an employee survey and examine the High Performance Metals Division's working environment. A high degree of employee loyalty, a collaboration on the basis of mutual respect and appreciation, a strong identification with the Company and a sense of pride in their workplace is a confirmation for what has been done and motivation to continue numerous initiatives in the human resources sector and develop new ones.

Employees as co-creating partners

We would like to provide our customers with quicker and better solutions. Therefore, our employees are always being called upon to be co-creating partners in their area of responsibility and to improve daily work processes. The strong identification of our employees with their daily work is utilized in our continuous improvement culture. Teams in their respective departments jointly develop solutions in order to fulfill their tasks better, faster and smoother.

Careers in our High Performance Metals Division

We offer both apprenticeships and attractive jobs for students and graduates and experienced professionals. In annual performance review meetings, you can speak openly with your direct supervisor and jointly determine individual development steps. Possible measures include personal and professional support, continuing education and leadership training. As an international Group, we also offer our employees the opportunity to work for one of our many production and sales companies worldwide with the scope of a specific project or job rotation.

Safety and health

We see protecting the safety and health of our employees as an important obligation. Our facilities and production equipment are not only technically state-of-the-art, but the ergonomic design is just important. We sensitize and motivate our employees for safety and health issues. Workplace health promotion is provided on an individual basis in each of our Group companies and covers smoking cessation as well as the active participation in sports events following mutual preparation.

Employees as co-owners

Our employees participate in the Company’s success. In way of an unique employee shareholding program 14,5% of the share capital of our parent company voestalpine AG is held by employees in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Italy. The legal framework conditions for a further international expansion of this program are currently examined.

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