State-of-the-art in production

The equipment in the seven High Performance Metals Division plants in Europe, North and South America meets the highest industrial standards. The 2010/11 financial year marked the completion of the most extensive investment program in the history of this group.

Capital expenditure was directed primarily to forging operations. In Kapfenberg the world’s largest rotary forging machine was installed for the processing of hard-to-shape materials such as high-grade nickel-based alloys. An 8,000 t open die press was purchased for Wetzlar, above all for the manufacture of energy generation machinery. In Hagfors and Sumaré forging capacity was expanded and technology was improved to meet the rising demand as well as higher quality requirements.

The melting plants are equipped with electric arc furnaces and secondary metallurgical aggregates. They are designed, above all, for the production of specialty steels that must meet the highest metallurgical requirements. Re-melting plants (ESR/VAR) and vacuum induction melting (VIM) are also available to optimize the properties of the final products.

High-precision rolling mills, state-of-the-art forging aggregates (open die, closed die and long forging) and a powder metallurgy plant complete the production portfolio.

voestalpine Edelstahl is a fully integrated special steel producer with high-tech multi- line rolling mills, the world’s largest rotary forging machine and the world’s most powerful screw press.

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