Best product properties

  • Longer service life
    We developed the durostat® product range in order to prolong the service life of your components in abrasive environments. These steel grades have a significantly longer service life than conventional steels and withstand the most stringent environments.
  • Weight savings
    When compared to conventional construction steels, sheet thicknesses can be significantly reduced while maintaining the same length of service life. This leads to lower dead weights and higher payloads, especially in automotive engineering.
  • High degree of hardness
    Their high level of hardness is adjusted by means of accelerated cooling after hot rolling (direct hardening) or through conventional quenching. Direct hardening is preferred because this method improves toughness and reduces scale formation.
  • Very good cold formability
    Our durostat® steel grades are very well suited to cold forming, independently of whether the steel is direct-hardened or non-hardened. This is achieved through a homogeneous, fine-grained structure as well as a high degree of purity.
  • Good weldability
    Our modern alloying strategies with optimized carbon equivalents guarantee good weldability, a factor that especially applies to direct-hardened durostat® steels. Preheating can be completely eliminated for lower sheet thicknesses.

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