Highest product quality and best processing properties

Depending on customer requirements, durostat® steel grades are supplied in direct-hardened or non-hardened condition. Both heavy plates and steel strips are accelerated-cooled directly after hot rolling. The desired hardness is adjusted to 400, 450 or 500 HB.

Dimensions and as-delivered condition

durostat 400 and durostat 450 are wear-resistant, direct-hardened carbon steels. As a heavy plate, durostat 500 is a conventionally hardened steel. As a hot-rolled strip, it is a directly hardened plain carbon steel. durostat B2 and durostat B4 are supplied in non-hardened condition and are intended for heat treatment after being processed at the customer.

Tensile test, Brinell hardness

Notch impact energy and edging radii

New and improved! durostat 500 is is now available as cut-to-length sheets made of hot-rolled steel strip. - Read more