You will find just the right colofer® product for any application.

High-quality products for every requirement.

colofer® vario

Discovered the design possibilities of colofer® vario. This unique product combines the advantages and outstanding processing properties of organic-coated steel strip with a wide variety of appearances.

colofer® indoor (15 μm)

colofer® indoor is the time-tested and economic standard solution for interior applications. As a result of its two-layer structure with a special polyester cover coating, colofer® indoor provides optimum protection in indoor applications.

colofer® classic (25 μm)

colofer® classic 25 is the time-tested and economic standard solution for interior and exterior applications without special demands and under regular atmospheric stress.

colofer® uv (25 μm)

Constant UV radiation over many years on facades and roofs leads to reduced color gloss and intensity. The building loses its original colorful appearance,

colofer® robust (25 μm)

Nomen est omen. This product is extremely resistant to scratching thanks to its special surface. In addition, colofer® robust is characterized by a high level of UV resistance (RUV 4) and we offer guarantees up to an altitude of 2,100 m.

colofer® robust rain (35 μm)

Based on our many years of experience as a supplier of colofer® for drainage systems we have developed colofer® robust rain. Completely new product specially suited to this area of application

colofer® matt (35 μm)

colofer® matt was specially developed for roof applications and is characterized by an impressively matt appearance.

colofer® plus (50 μm)

Experts at every level. Excellent corrosion protection (RC 5), highest reference values for scratch resistance (40 N) and UV resistance (RUV 4). Up to 40-year guarantee period and special guarantees for exceptional loads.

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